Annual Meeting Senior School 2012

I will dance like David dance
performed by David Horman – his favorite and ultimate song

Vision and School Focus Sharing
by Bu Magdalena Nugroho – School Director

Still the same 🙂
Building a generation of Character, Faith and Wisdom

When we build our vision, try to FRAME IT! so the vision will be clear

Summary of Mission Statement:
– Student Centered
– Mastery of Knowledge
– Conducive Environment
– Connecting to God
– Blessings

Our Challenge to mold the students to be:
– More than Brains, A Beautiful Mind
– More than Scholars, Leaders of Tomorrow
– More than Actions, Godly Values
– More than thinkers, movers and shakers
– More than teach, transform

“School should be the best party in town”

School Focus 2013:

“Be kind to one another…”
Ephesians 4:32

WKM – World Kindness Movement

Being kind:
can make you young
23% less cortisol
make you happy
give the power to change the world

Herbivore, Carnivore and Mediavore
Make this generation always be connected with media and be addicted

” Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much”
Pascal, Blaise

Leadership for next year, one leader for grade 7-12 instead of two leaders

Principal of 7-12 for next year will be Pak Erlangga P. Dharma

*** Break ***

Vice Principal for National Program: ms. Nettie
Vice Principal for International Program (IB and IGCSE): ms. Juwati
Vice Principal for school facilities, internal and external affairs: mr. Belfin

Curriculum Coordinators:
Ms. Nuke, ms. Lilly, mr.Dave and ms. Karila

Subject Leaders
Reacter+PE: Alex Tampubolon
Art+Music: Angger
Science: Andi Wibowo, ms. Verani
Social: ms. Endah, ms. Rita
Math: ms. Reza
BI: ms. Widia
English: Patrick
Students affair: Jaren, Yudi

Some of New teachers has been announced


– School Hours 08.00 – 15.30
– longer 2nd break time 45 minutes
– extra curriculars on Friday 13.30 – 14.30
– PE join with Reacter Team
– ICT molded to Technology Integrator
– PIC to Event/Project Manager
– New VP Roles: national, international, facilities and external affairs

*** Break ***

Because kindness keep the world afloat

Technology Integration by Pak Erlangga

“please don’t hit my car again next time…” T_T

“Just In Time – NOT Just In Case”

1. Next generation learning environment is unavoidable
2. Urgency to take technology usage in the learning
3. We do not start from scratch
4. The concept of ‘Just in time’ NOT ‘Just in case’ is revealing

1. Learn THROUGH technology NOT ABOUT technology
2. Student take ownership on their own learning and teachers as the facilitators
3. Creating High Thinking Skills elarning environment such as analyzing, evaluating, and implementing

Synergy among People, Hardware, Software and Infrastructure

TI Jobs Description

– Edmodo implementation
– Google Docs
– iLife and iWork
– iBook Author Introduction
– Skype as a tool in connecting project with other institution

RCS : Research, Creativity, Service by ms. Nettie

Student’s Affairs
– House System
– Discipline Policy
– Student Council
– Extra Curricular

House System will be divided per each class including the PC teachers
– LOVE (red)
– PEACE (blue)
– JOY (yellow)
– FAITH (green)

Extra Curriculars by Pak Yudi

There will be some of new extra curriculars next year

*** Lunch Break ***

Year Level Meeting
Grade 12

PC Grade 12 IPS by Belfin Siahaan with ms. Anita Damarastuti

Lilly Yuana, Actually Polykarpus, Lizeth, Alex Tampubolon,  Hanny Allan, Fransiska Salim, Dave Thomas

– MTC (Mountain Top Camp) still splitted into boys and girls
– Internship Program for replacing WWW, do we still have it this year? YES
the activity will be called THE REAL DEAL that will be around December
Suggestion from principal is two weeks
All people agreed for one week

Two options:
1. Same places for the whole week
Weakness: some students are not really serious, boring
2. Many places that changes everyday
Weakness: not focus

Event Manager Real Deal Grade 12
Polykarpus Sihombing

Event Manager MTC
For girls
-> ms. endah
For boys
-> mr. hanny allan

Event Manager F@F around October 2012
-> ms. Lizeth o’Hernandez
-> mr. Wahyu Kurniawan

Subject Meeting
“Technology Integrator”
Participants: Wahyu, Martinez

1. Edmodo Implementation for SeniorSchool, prepare group
Assigned for each SL to manage accounts?
2. iBook Author for Integrated Project
3. Web Blogging
4. Poster Design
5. iMovie

Lab Allocation
225: 7, 8, 9, 11IB (20 hrs)
226: 10, 11, 12 (20 hrs)
Cleaning, please assigned one CS to do Regularly!!!

Closing Prayer
“How Great is Our God”