Technology Integrator & Physical Education Meeting

TI Agenda
– TI Job Description
– TI Weekly Schedule
– TI Socialization
– TI Launching

Job Description
– Train the students and teachers to use technology in their learning process.
– TI is NOT Teacher Inval 🙂
– There is no special syllabus for TI.
– TI Staff will be considered as TRAINER and have the same position with Teacher.
– TI Staff is focusing on creating the ideas for using techologies inside class for learning process; however any hardwares failures still become IT responsibilities.
– TI staff is responsible to think and create an updating technologies for our communities, therefore “a simple task” such as helping teachers to create slides with power point is not a part of TI jobs (note: the teacher will not use this as an excuse to give all of their preparation of their teaching materials to TI staff, even though they already knew it)
– TI Staff will be ready to enter other class when required upon appointment only and each staff has maximum sessions per week, which means once the limit has reached, classes that need them must reschedule it for the following week.
– TI will have their own computer laboratory’s time with the students to do the projects that has assigned to them, TI staff will assist them to do the project and explain it if required.
– In case, the students have no projects, TI staff will teach a Mac based application to the students, such as iBook Author, iMovie, iWeb and other applications that will be required for students in their class.
– There will be a training session for teachers regularly. Our aim: to make a technology based teacher, so that they can teach their students by themselves inside their class.

Weekly Schedule
– Erlangga (TI Coordinator)
Lecturing: 2 hours (10 National)
Upon Appointment: 6 hours/week
– Wahyu
Lecturing: 10 hours (11 Nat+12Nat) with 11IB Computer Science
Upon Appointment: 6 hours/week
– Isaac
Lecturing: 17 hours (9 National) with 10IGCSE ICT
Upon Appointment: 5 hours/week
– Martinez
Lecturing: 11 hours (7+8 Nat)
Upon Appointment: 11 hours/week

Socializing TI method and strategy
– posters throughout the school
– website
– teacher’s devotion
– teacher’s training
– anything else?

Launching TI
Purpose: acknowledge TI usage for next academic year for all schools
– date, time? Around July 2012
– who will be invited? Principals from other school (internal)
– venue? Cafe@Cita
– PIC, committees? All senior teachers

PE Agenda
– Achievements this year
– Program for next year
– Budgetting for next year
– Teacher’s Weekly Schedule for Next Year
– PE join with Reacter with motto: “Sehat Jasmani dan Rohani” still not confirmed with Mr. Alex Tampubolon as their Subject Leader
– Ball procurement – sorry still in progress, urgent things are recommended for PE Teachers to submit proposal by themselves
– any difficulties and unsolved problems will be discussed by current SL to new incoming SL

Pak Djoni: 
Grade 7 National: 6 kelas 12 jam
Grade 12 National: 3 kelas 6 jam
Grade 12 IB: 1 kelas 2 jam

Pak Dony
Grade 10: 5 kelas 10 jam
Grade 11: 5 kelas 10 jam

Ms. Dwi
Grade 8: 5 kelas 10 jam
Grade 9: 5 kelas 10 jam

– DBL SMA Putra peringkat 8 dari 60 sekolah seSurabaya, Mojokerto, Sidoarjo North Regional
– DBL SMA Putri Sportmanship Award
– DBL SMP Putra 4 Besar
– SMP Putra juara 3, STAGCUP
– CHiLeague
Juara 1 tingkat SMA
Juara II tingkat SMP
– SMA Putra Juara II WM Cup
– SMA Putri Discipline Award WM Cup

Next Academic Year
– Mengikuti event olahraga minimal 3 events, termasuk DBL

Pengadaan Barang untuk aktivitas PE
1. Bola Volley dan Basket
2. Restrukturisasi lapangan sebelah kiri
3. Sound System untuk aktivitas lapangan (mobile)
4. TV LCD untuk ruang fitness
5. Alat Peraga atletik
6. Undangan untuk Speaker 2x, pakar kesehatan

– rapat lebih intensif
– ruang fitness lebih terkontrol
– masalah bola untuk siswa digunakan di luar jam pelajaran
– meja pingpong, tempat penyimpanan dimana?