Graduation Meeting

Venue: 209
Nettie, Liza, Aji, Lilly, Polykarpus, Alex Tampubolon, Arie Setio, Francisca Salim, Andreas, Irene, Endah, Erlangga

Reminder for students:
Encouraging Words, Report Card, School Fee for May-June, Locker, Graduation Fee, Graduation Gown, Library Books

Balloon Concept (ideas from Samantha Karli)
Releasing the balloon at front yard @ 3.00 pm
Aji: not quite agree, because should be after the graduation
Instead of balloon, what about lantern? with messages attached
Andreas, please make survey for this lantern issues
Arie: what about the fireworks?
Please plan the exact idea about this for next meeting!

Student’s Gathering outside
Will do if we have support from the students
We’ll do it after graduation finished, for example: at the Restaurant

The Program of Senior School Graduation 8 June 2012

Student Procession:
“Hears to Us”
“When my life begins”
“Graduation” Considered to use

Presentation of the Graduates – different concept, there are other teachers stand on the stage: principal, curriculum coordinator and PC Teacher. The Presentation will be divided per class, cause all of 90 students cannot fit the stage.

There will be clip played with “Today My Life Begins” lyric, prepared by Supporting Unit

Alumni’s Word: Nathanael by Skype, please be aware!

Dress code for committees : Formal Black

Please involve students for every part of graduation!