Graduation Meeting
Tuesday, 17th April 2012
02.00pm – 03.00pm
Venue: 209
Erlangga, Nettie Oentoeng, Alex Tampubolon, Andreas Yulius Agung, Irene Chrismana, Rachel, Lilly Yuana, Fransisca Salim, Endah Winasih, Sri Aji Jaya Sandaya, Vicky Ariesta Putra

Themes: “Today My Life Begins” – Bruno Mars

Sermon from Yosua’s father

Encouraging message from parents, due 18th April 2012, it will display on the screen when students called one by one.

Alex’s idea:
How if we use audio visual instead?
Problems: time is so limited
Or record the voice of one teacher to read parents message, and play the sound when the student called to the stage

Gift from students – what kind of goods?

Teleconference – with who?

Candidates for MC : Felicia Firman (11 IPA), Jessica Tatiana (11 IB)

Representative students for speech : Jason and Evelyn

Rundown Draft
– Preparation – which rooms?
– Graduation Parade, solis singing with Grace at the violist
– Indonesia Raya
– Opening Prayer
– Choir Singing
– Presentation of Graduation
– Parents Respond
– “Today My Life Begins” sing by all graduates
– Special Performance
– Student’s Respond
– Students give the gift to their parents
– Words from alumni
– Prayer of Blessing
– Closing: Mars Cita Hati

Thursday, 19 April
Graduation Practice with the students