Subject Leader’s Meeting

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Subject Leader’s Meeting
Monday, 16th April 2012
01.00pm – 02.00pm
Venue: 215
Subject Leaders, Coordinators, Vice Principals and Principals

1. Evaluation of School Exam grade 9 and 12, Mock Exam will be no longer held at library for next year.

2. Check Google Calendar for the next school year. Please submit Teaching Allocation Table for PE and TI, together with the subject meeting’s schedule. Budget Submission directly to Principal.
7th May – start to input scores and comments.

Karila asked:
What will the students do on 30-31 May? – end of school activities hosted by English Team.
When is Feedback Appraisal? approx. end of April. Please don’t make it too narrow with the end of school period, for some teachers might be no longer with us.

End of Year Examination
The question’s type are still two types:
Multiple choice and essay.
(IT will be held on Friday, 25 May 2012 for grade 10 & 11)

3. IG Teachers please check website regularly for news and information.
Report Mistakes – “the quality of the mistakes are improving!” quoted from Mr. Dave Thomas.
SL, Please encourage your teacher to interact more with English teacher.

Wahyu said:
For ICT, please provide Microsoft Access software for our computer lab as it needed for the practical exam next week!

From Mr. Erlangga
Please use another database program for this. PHP and MySQL will do, but it can’t simply work for generating a report, and the students never used these program.

From Ms. Juwati
We will see and try to propose Microsoft Access for Mac, we still don’t know the price and still, the exam will be started around 16th May.

– Propose microsoft access, is it worth since ICT will no longer exist next year? Mr. Erlangga will call Centris to ask the price.
– Encourage students to have microsoft access on their laptop, mr. Isaac will check it on this  18 and 19 April
– Borrow linux computers from elementary (not recommended)

4. URGENT! Budget Submission! Please submit it to Principal.
Question Papers please get ready for that!
“Be punctual in submission!” Ms. Juwati

Cleaning up for Smart Board and IQ Board.
Please make a good definition of the word ‘clean’ with the teachers.

Field Trip for students – need to be evaluated!
Probably give ideas or new concepts, considered as one option rather than we currently do for the past three years.
Email to Mr. Erlangga, even though it just a short sentence!

Clean up everything before school year finish:
student’s work, books, papers, sofboards etc.

RAKER a.k.a Rapat Kerja, 5th May 2012 for all teachers.
Venue: 4th Floor

Karila said:
We need storage room to keep some of the student’s work.

From Mr. Erlangga
Propose one corner in Teacher’s Lounge to keep these stuffs.

Next Year:
– Extracurriculars, every Wednesday 2.30-3.30 only once a week.
– Special Events, every Friday 2.30-3.30, except one month students go home at 2.30 due to staff fellowship.
– Flag Ceremony once a month every 17.
– The students will have extra 15 minutes for second break, so period 6 will start at 2.00pm, and the school will finish at 3.30pm. Teachers can also directly go home at the same time.

Karila asked:
How I can manage the meeting time with this new schedule?

From Ms. Juwati
Use the 45 minutes second break, could be a lunch break meeting.

Upcoming Events: check Google Calendar!

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