ITGS Project: IB Report System

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Project’s Name      : IB Report System

Client’s Name         : Mr. Dave Thomas

Problem                    : The current IB Report system has used for more than 2 years. However, according to the client’s observation, it still needs some improvements. As an IB coordinator, Mr. Thomas has agreed to share this problem to me, so I can propose a better solution to cover the weakness of the current system. From the interview with Mr. Thomas, I have identified some of the system’s weakness as follows:

1.       There is only user that all of IB teachers can use. With this situation, it means that we cannot trace which teacher that currently logged in.

2.       The system has devoped using Barland Delphy, which is only works in Window Platform. The user that use other OS such as Linux or Mac, simply cannot use the system.

3.       The data is not reliable. Since it shared on the network and all teachers can access it, there is a possibility that the teacher may change/delete some of data accidentally

4.       The system has a weak security. It stored the current username and password in the daya, which is easy to read with some advance user.

5.       The updating process consumes a lot of time. This probably caused by inappropriate database model or date redundancy.

6.       Sometimes it just really hard to adjust the report, such as add some more spaces for student’s comments.

7.       The program is unstable, because sometimes on error occured in the middle of the process and the teacher need to restart it first before continuing to enter the mark.

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