There was a man who had a girlfriend. The man was Marc and the girl was Chloe. They had been in 1 year relationship. Both of them had a bestfriend named Justin. Justin was kind man, he supported and was happy for both of them. One day, Chloe find out that Marc  was an assasin. Marc killed hundred of people, with no hesitant, Chloe broke him up. Feeling lonely and depressed, Chloe almost killed herself. But she was too afraid to do that. Justin tried to reunite them but it was a useless act.

Chloe father was an important man in the company. He was the Boss right hand. This company, Creed inc, raised so high that makes  other company envy them. One of the envy company, Chloe’s father childhood rival tent to kill Chloe’s father. He know that if Chloe’s father dead, the company will drop dramatically. So he rent Marc to kill Chloe’s father. In the end, Marc was able to enter Chloe’s father room silently, since that he’s an assassin in their house. when he’s gonna stab him, Chloe enter and stop him. Marc surprised that it was his girlfriend’s father. Then Justin came and stop Marc. They both fought each other.  After a while, when Justin live came to danger, suddenly Chloe stab Marc from behind. It’s a painful decision but she has no other choice. Marc died and Chloe continue her life with joy and no more tears.