The Benefits of using Android

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The Benefits of Using Android

Android is a robot or a programmable machine that imitates the actions or appearance of humans.

The first android was made by Waseda University on 1973. It called as “WABOT”. This first android was able to communicate in Japanese and transported objects. Until now, designers have problem to design the android, they need to consider the intelligence, the efficient use of power and coordinate sensors. In order to handle all the problems, the designer need to add more software, developing new programming language and also design new operating system if required.

The function of android is to help humans in their daily life; people also use androids to make fiction movies such as Terminator. Some industries also using Androids for defense, underwater explorations, entertainment, and for toys.

The benefits of humans to use android are it performs automated tasks, it has better acceptance by humans, and it has self-explanatory repair mechanism. Besides that, android also offers special benefits, especially to workers, industries, and counties.

Androids can improve the quality of life for the workers by freeing them from dirty, boring, dangerous, and heavy labor. Industries could use androids to replace human workers. They also can control the productivity and produce high quality products. And the most important is the chance of being wrong is vary small. By using androids, industries can greatly reduce the costs of manufactured goods; therefore countries that effectively use robots in their industries will have an economic advantage on world market.

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