Weeks Without Wall for Grade 10 – December 2011

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To mold the students to be CREATIVE, CONSIDERATE and CARING entrepreneurs.

To train students to see even the smallest opportunity, or make opportunity when there isn’t any, and to creatively develop business that is prospective, innovative and rewarding the local


PIC: Wahyu Kurniawan
Secretary: ms. Lina
Treasurer: ms. Anita Damarastuti
Program: mr. Alex Tampubolon, mr. Hosea Daen Malora, ms. Maria Liza
Publication & Documentation: mr. Arie Setio
Security: mr. Dony Nanda Saputra, mr. Yudi Prianto
Assignment: ms. Diana Elok, ms. Nettie Oentoeng
Transportation & Accommodation: ms. Maria Liza, mr. Yudi Prianto

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