Pak Hosea needs to take rest for 5 days
Dave needs 2 days to take rest.

As a community, we should belief to the power of prayer together.
As part of leadership, there should be no other meetings during corporate prayer (every Wednesday afternoon).
It’s important to the SL to attend the corporate prayer.
Facilities maintenance. If there are systems do not work properly, SL should do about it, report it to the principal a.s.a.p. The physical condition in the classroom (AC, clock, roof, chair etc.) should be fix in a week.
Gef’s suggestion : students need to have special event to clean the desk.
Take the broken chair out from the classroom and let the CS know about it, so that it can be fix by the GA and
Karila’s sugeestion: there should be back up chair.
On Monday SA will announce on Monday about fixing the chair.
Topic teacher in service : As part of leader needs to share to other teachers. If you have something that can be shared, please share it.

John will put the SL email into the IB mail, so every teacher will know the information.
Feb 12 at 14.30, parents and students in gr 10 PreIB will attend the meeting to choose the subject in the IB.

Try Out Grade 12
Date : 10-12 Feb 2010. There is moving class.

We will still waiting the welcome pack from the CIE, that’s why we haven’t conduct the sharing session to parents about the checkpoint.
SL needs to put the textbook of IGCSE in budget.
Mr Ricker and Bu Aan have put new books in the library.
The librarian will share on Monday about new books that can be borrowed by teachers.
CIPP & lower secondary are not approved, but we will still use the lower secondary curriculum.
IGCSE will be done by the grade 9 only.
For Computer IGCSE, we will use IT
Ranto’s suggestion : the obstacle from the students is the language ability.
Gef’s respond : English teacher have conducted the training for several teachers. please encourage the teacher to be enthusiastic to join the English training : Lisa K., Budi J., Doni, Nuk Eko, Rahadi, Hosea, Rita, Djoni, Ece, Vicky, Martinez.

6 Feb is the closing ceremony of Chi League. Please write the evaluation of CHi League to Ms Nadya.
Bahasa Indonesia day and English day : please think about it and give your ideas to Ms Nadya.

Field trip for next school year :
Gr 8 : Bhs Indonesia KOMPAS / Jawa Pos (Widya)
Gr 9 : Trowulan (Hosea)
Please inform CC soon about the field trip for the other grades.

Please discuss with the team whether the subject time allocation for the next academic year enough.
Distribute with team the teaching allocation for the next year.
All teachers should have 20-24 teaching periods.
Mr. Erlangga : Be prepare Indonesian teacher for IB
SL Appraisal form sent to Principals on
Gr 9 students will have “My dearest session” 12 Feb 2010 at 08.00-10.00, so they will come to the class at 3 period
Teachers who lack of preparation often print the material 30 times.
Printer is not in the teacher lounge for the last 2 days.
50% computer in teacher lounge are broken.
Karila : Wifi connection is down in the library.