General Subject Issues (September 2009)

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Updated on: September 2009

1. IT Unit:
* Mac Keyboard Maintain. If it’s not possible to change/replace, then propose the new one.
* Another ants’ attack last week at 226. Contact Mac to teach how to maintain and clean the keyboard, since some of the ants are likely make their nest inside the keyboard.
* The LCD Cable/Connector at 225 is not working sometimes.
* Proposal about STIKOM Competition, the PIC will be Mr. Martinez
* The offers from Microsoft is suspended.

2. PE Unit:
* Fitness Room’s issue. The key is supposed to hold by PE Teachers only.
* Proposal for PE Equipment 2009-2010
* Person in charge in basketball extracurricular.
* Senior’s backyard sometimes filled up with elementary students, It will raise a problem when there is still PE activity.

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