What content and skills development has lead up to this lesson? Have you prepared a unit / module plan showing learning objectives,
student activities and resources used – if so, please show me your unit planner; if not – why not?
I have prepared the Unit Plan, which has a learning objectives based on ITGS Triangle: Learn Social and Ethical Issues related with IT Systems and their impact in 6 different area of impact in ITGS: Business and Employment, Education, Health, Science and Environment, Art Entertainment and Leisure, Politic and Government
Student Activities can consist in various activities such as presentation, discussion, watching IT movies, debate, game etc.
Resources mostly from OCC, since some of senior teacher has uploaded their teaching materials regularly on that site.

Have you prepared lesson plans showing learning objectives, student activities and resources used – if so, please show me some of your
lesson plans; if not – why not?
You can see my lesson plans directly to my blog: http://www.wahyukurniawan.info/blog in ITGS sections. Sorry if it is not really well in structure

What are the purposes or objectives of this particular lesson – what will the students be able to do by the end of this lesson?
The students will know more about some IT Terminologies, so whether in their exam or in the real world, they will no longer get confused with some IT words. Furthermore, using the interactive game will keep the terms in a really deep in their memories, since they also have fun.

What strategies will you use to accomplish your objectives?
Make the student enjoy their time even though they still have to think and find the right answer

What teacher behaviors will you demonstrate?
I will act as the judge in this game and after the correct word reveal, I will explain to them if necessary

What behaviors will students demonstrate?
The student can discuss in their team before answering the question. They will also have to accept if their team lose.

Do you have any concerns about this lesson?
If one team think a little bit longer, another team can be distracted with others and get boring. That’s why in this situation, I will try to push the selected team to answer the question rightaway

Is there anything in particular you would like me to observe during the lesson?

Are you keeping records of student attendance and assessment results for this class – if so, please show me; if not, why not?
As ITGS is an option subject, some of the students may attend another class or in study time. Sometimes, if I get the class journal book, ofcourse I will write down the activity and the absent student.
I got my assessment student record and I’d be happy to show you

Please show me your teacher self appraisal; what comments can you make about your self appraisal? Are the appraisal criteria clear to
you? Do you have any questions about the appraisal process?
Mostly, it’s clear enough for me

What have been your significant accomplishments in teaching over the past year?
In teaching ITGS, honestly there is no proudly accomplishments yet, since I think the previous students somehow underestimate this subject and even their IA result was not good also.

What professional goals do you have for the next review period? What support do you need to achieve these goals?
I’m eager to see there will be some improvements in my ITGS students, especially I will be happy to see their will get at least 5 in this subject. If there is a Job alike in the near future, I would be glad to participate for I can share experiences with other ITGS teachers.

Is there anything else you’d like me to note down at this stage?
For the appraisal process, I think it’s enough. Thank you very much for your kind support and cooperation.