Leader’s Meeting, May 8th 2009

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1. Welcome to new Subject Leader!
How to implement READ:
in the morning devotion, make book’s club, MUCH MORE faster internet connection to download eBooks, make reflection of the book for principal, sharing session in Leader’s meeting for books.
2. Bilingual Teaching, what is the expectation?
Ranto said, do we have reward? NO REWARD!
The students prefer to speak bahasa rather than English
Back to Rationale: do we need student to gain language or the content?
3. PA Outbound on Saturday, May 23rd 2009 at Villa Hortensia Trawas. Departing from school: 7.30
4. Proposal should be submitted 3 weeks before the event and event report should be submitted 2 weeks after the event finished
5. Teaching Administration, please submit in order!!!
submit to Ms. Nettie/ Mr. Marisi as Curriculum Coordinator
6. First Day to school: July 6th 2009
There is Opening Devotion and some meetings, ofcourse!
7. Seating arrangement at Teacher’s Lounge
General Teacher will have their old place while others subject will move to other location. Start moving on June 4th 2009
8. DBL SMA: 18th July – 15th August 2009
DBL SMP: 17th October – 31st October 2009
9. Teacher’s Day : May 20th 2009
Live to Serve in Action
Speech from School Director

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