This Year will be different than previous year:

Digital Attendance List:
When the parents come, instead of using regular attendance list, we will try to provide Digital Attendance List

Graduation Presentation:
It’s still using a Shockwaves as the previous one, however the themes will be use the current theme.

Live Interview with Alumni:
Somehow, we will provide an Internet Connection, and using Mac we will try to contact CH’s Alumni that located out of the country.

Minutes of Remembrance:
This section has become a yearly programme that should be involved in every graduation’s ceremony. We haven’t decided what kind of it for this year.

1. Date: June 4th 2010
2. PIC: Pak Erlangga Pramudya Dharma
3. Ideas from students: MC will be Ms. Mayangsari (even though she’s not here anymore), flying ballon, video clip
4. Theme: END? Embrace Never Dies?
5. Party afterwards: awards, performance, games, disco
6. Alumni: contact 3 alumni overseas+local university