Technology grows really fast nowadays. As we know, some of the human works has also replaced by machines. These machines worked really well to help human’s work. Now the question is:
is it possible that Robots could one day demand the same citizen’s rights as humans?
Predict in the next 50 years, somewhere in the future that Robot has considered as a human’s partner and deserve rights to live as a normal creature, even though it’s an invention.
These rights, if granted, countries would be obliged to provide social benefits including housing and even “robo-healthcare”. As an individual that have new life, Robot will need a house, build their families and needs one place to check their “health”
This health center can be a factory or workshop to maintain their whole body. A computer system will be needed to program Robot.
However, this issue will trigger a great debate and critical discussion, especially because it will give a big impact in Politic and Government.
Imagine, if Robot deserve the rights the same as human being, it will also has rights to enter to Politics, candidate himself as the next President and some of them will sit on the parliament’s chair and overall, this will give an impact in one nation and also the world.
Robot is normally has an ability to reproduce, improve themselves or develop artificial intelligence.
Furthermore, the robots, if they got the rights, would have certain responsibilities such as voting, the obligation to pay taxes, and perhaps serving compulsory military service.
We have seen on some movies, bad things always happened when Robot take control on the military, which can be really destructive. This kind of things will give an impact on the environment, as they will no longer see the nature and destroy all things that blocked their path.
Now, what is the aim to put Robot the rights?