Business and Employment

Transportation: reservation systems, luggage processing, navigation, scheduling and distribution. traffic simulation, smart roads and cars, fuel efficiency and traffic safety systems.
Employment: electronic employee monitoring, telecommuting, ergonomics and health, job obsolescence and retraining, online job search, employee surveillance
Banking and finance: EFT, ATM’s, Internet baking and brokerage, corporations, business concentration
International commerce: management of transnational corporations, business concentration
E-commerce: teleshopping, online marketing, data mining, spyware
Retailing, advertising, media


Telelearning: isolated and remote areas; use in hospitals, prisons, retirement homes
Modification of hardware and software for special needs: voice recognition software, text-to-speech, special input and output devices, Internet resources
Software in the classroom: science experiments, social studies modeling and simulation, instructional tools and media, computer-aided instruction, computer aided learning
School library systems: catalogues, security systems, online research
Software in school administration: record keeping, scheduling, Intranets, public information
Training, tutorials, simulators

Telemedicine: service delivery to isolated and remote areas
Electronic health records: privacy, data analysis, public health
Diagnostic and therapeutic tools: robotic surgery, prosthetic devices, diagnostic software, drug development and marketing
Monitoring patients
IT solutions for disabled people
Medical advice on the Internet or a CD-ROM

Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure

Digital art: electronic music, interactive visual art, desktop publishing
Film: digital simulations, characters and animation
Live arts: digital effects, choreography, lighting, marketing
New media: DVD, CD, VR, stereolithography
Broadcast media: digital radio and television, electronic news, magazines and books
Toys and games: CD or online games, online gambling

Science and the Environment

Modeling and simulation: digital experimentation, demographic and environmental simulation
Visualization: mapping
Data search, collection, processing and analysis
Data logging

Politics and Government

Politics process: voting and elections, lobbying, open government and free movement of information
Legislation: policy development, enactment, enforcement and analysis
Police: DNA data collection, video surveillance
Rebel and terrorist use of IT
Military: cyberwarfare, smart weapons development, espionage
Government administration: record keeping, tax collection, policy implementation