Here is a quiz for my grade 12 IB students, the topic is about the internet. It’s happy to see the enthusiasm of the student when they are trying to answer all the questions.

1. China has become the second largest user of the World Wide Web. China holds tight controls on which Internet services and Web pages can be accessed by the Chinese people.
(taken from IB ITGS Paper One, May 2004)

(a) Describe one method that can be used to control the Internet services and Web sites available to the Chinese people. [2 marks]

(b) Describe two social impacts which this growth could have on Internet shopping. [4 marks]

(c) Describe two benefits to China from the increased use of the World Wide Web by the Chinese people. Do not include answers from part (b). [4 marks]

2. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology has replaced accessing files on central servers. It has made possible the sharing of music files across the Internet.
(taken from IB ITGS Paper One, May 2004)

(a) Identify two software technologies necessary for sharing or using music files. [2 marks]

(b) Describe one alternative information technology, other than P2P, that could be used for sharing commercial music files and evaluate the ethics of the method. [4 marks]

(c) Describe two advantages to the artist of having their music available using P2P technology. [4 marks]

(d) Discuss three social and/or ethical disadvantages involved with the distribution of music files using P2P technologies. Evaluate your arguments [10 marks]

3. Google has become largest company inside World Wide Web nowadays.

(a) Identify five different services that Google offered to the Internet users, rather than Search Engine. [5 marks]

(b) Describe an advantage and disadvantage for Google after they launched new browser called Google Chrome. [4 marks]

(c) Explain two different methods that people normally do when they search something on the internet using Search Engine. [6 marks]

4. Some companies has expanded their business when they made a web portal on the internet.

(a) Define the term web portal. [2 marks]

(b) Describe two IT Software necessary for building web portal. [4 marks]

(c) Explain three reasons why we have provided a large spaces for hosting web portal. [9 marks]

(d) Evaluate three benefits for the societies with the existence of web portal on the internet . [12 marks]

5. As an internet grows rapidly, people needs to consider some issues and make sure the existence of the internet is useful for the societies.

(a) Define the term NGI. [2 marks]

(b) Define the term HTTP. [2 marks]

(c) Identify the protocol that allows cross-network communication and describe the differences between them. [4 marks]

(d) Describe two possible impact for the societies when people started to use Digital cash that make online transactions easier and safer. [4 marks]

(e) Describe two possible impact for the citizens when Government has put filter software to block inappropriate content. [4 marks]

(f) Evaluate three social and/or ethical issues that can be identified for the evolving of the internet. [12 marks]