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We have come a long way since the days of teaching students in the classroom. Today there are online colleges and GED programs. There are even a number of websites that offer online tutoring. When you type in online tutoring into the search engine you get over 2 million results. These results range from tutoring places that happen to have websites to free online math tutoring. Let’s face it most students in schools these days use computers so why not create programs that are designed to help your kids online.
There are some great ideas when it comes to online tutoring but are online tutors better than people tutors. Some people say yes because of one simple fact is that people believe computers cannot be wrong. They believe that a computer can teach your child to do math better because it is on a computer. While most of the time this may be true. Computers are only as correct as the people who put the information up on it.
The belief that people tutors are better because the kids get a hands on experience. If they don’t understand how something works then they can stop the tutor and get more background as to why they don’t understand and maybe the tutor can explain it in a different way. With online tutoring, you can’t go back and stop the lesson, you may be able to get help but it is not the same.
Online tutoring for certain subjects such as World Studies and Science these sites may work very well, but for more interactive subjects like Math and English, a real person would be better suited to help your child. There are some schools that offer free tutoring after school but that type of tutoring is done online. While teachers supervise, kids get the help they need online. Experts say that these forms of tutors help the child with problem solving and then if they get stuck on something then the teacher can help them.
Online tutoring has is place and if it is done correctly then your child can benefit a lot from it. As we mentioned before, online tutoring is great for problem solving. It also teaches the students more about computers, which is something that they cannot ever go without knowing. It was different when we were kids, there were no in the classroom computers and no at home computers. Today, if you don’t know who to use a computer then you are behind.

Area of impact :

Social or etchical issue :
Most people belief that online tutoring (e-learning) is better than people tutors. It is true if computers were programmed correctly by people. However, e-learning has its own advantages and disadvantages compare to people tutor. So parents have to choose the best tutoring way for their child.

Problems that this issue presents to society:
E-learning (online tutoring) is not always better than people tutors. E-learning may be good at some subjects, like World Studies and Science, but for interactive subjects such as Math and English, a real person would be better. If students have people tutors, they can stop and repeat the materials if they don’t understand. However, if students have the online tutoring, they have to keep continue the lesson. Over all, each of tutoring way has their own advantages and disadvantages. Parents should choose the best tutoring way so that their child can benefit a lot.

•Students can study anywhere they have access to a computer and Internet connection
•Save time and cost, because students do not have to go to school
•Develops knowledge of the Internet and computers skills that will help learners throughout their lives and careers because the Lessons are delivered with PowerPoint and co-browsing of websites, so students have a chance to hone their computer skills
•Class work can be scheduled around work and family
•The class is available when ever the students are available to participate
•Students can work on their own pace. This helps people who may need a little extra time understanding the subject that is being studied. So they can repeat the segment they are having trouble understanding
•Some people are not comfortable with speaking up in public, thus making the discussion boards easier to communicate in asking questions and getting the answers you need. Discussion boards can be accessed at any time.

•Students are not always able to talk to a teacher if they need help (teachers may not always be available when students are studying or need help)
•Students with low motivation or bad study habits may fall behind
•Slow internet connections or older computers may make accessing course materials
•Managing computer files and online learning software can sometimes seem complex for students with beginner-level computer skills
•Without the routine structures of a traditional class, students may get lost or confused about course activities and deadlines

•There will be no one who is going to school (face-to-face learning). All of the students will prefer to take the e-learning, because they can have their lesson whenever and wherever they want.
•Students can’t socialize well with the others, because in e-learning, they discuss everything without communicate directly (talking face-to-face) to their teacher. They will be shy if they talk face-to-face to others.

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