Why we need consistency?

Consistent in design is necessary. No matter what we are designing, websites, yearbook layouts, books, magazines, brochures, etc… there are often consistent designs throughout the material. Our text books that we use in school often uses consistency in its design. Often the fonts, styles, colors, and sizes are kept constant. The title of the chapter will always have the same font, style, color, and size and so will the actual text of the chapter. Even other than text, sidebars, tables, graphs, cartoon characters, and other graphical elements are often all kept constant throughout the book.

When consistency is not used in presentations the change in design can cause the viewers attention to draw away from the presentation. If the colors keep on changing each page on a power point presentation, your attention is carried away by the change in color, and you will miss the point and purpose of the presentation.

Is there any possibility when we don’t need consistency?

When using consistency in designing, the designer’s ability to freely create the work is limited. When a designer is making his work, he wants to freely express his style and imagination in his work. This is why consistency in design is not always the right method.
A big reason why people shouldn’t always use consistency is because, it gets boring as we see these same colors, fonts, styles, images.

So Should We or Shouldn’t We Use Consistency?

We cannot simply answer this question as it goes back to each person. Some people may like the fact that everything is kept constant and in a organized form. However, others may regard it as boring.

Source: http://itgssyllabus.blogspot.com