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Saturday, 22 August 2009/ 09.00am


Mandira Abadi Office, Kedungsari 31 Surabaya


Justianus Rachmat – Managing Director
Tio Wen Fuk – IT Supervisor
Wahyu Kurniawan – Webmaster & Web Consultant


1. Info:Upgrade Space for
400 MB with up to 6 GB Bandwidth

2. Info plus demo:Upgrade Supplier section
Menu has built in easier way to make more convenience for supplier to maintain their allotment.
Any comments/ideas?

3. Booking System Evaluation
How is the progress?
Any feedback from agent/supplier?
Any difficulties?

4. Implementing Internal Office Program
What is the best IT Software? VB or PHP?
Setup the timeline to implement the software
Decide one computer to become database central

5. IT Work after Lebaran
Visiting some agents regularly based on the schedule to make sure the system working properly at their office.

6. Hotel Room Rate Issue
Impementing Web based version, instead of Excel version for room rate (how is the progress?)
Benefit of web based, agent can directly see the price online.

7. Other issue:
– Maintain & backup database periodically
– – overseas markets using PayPal
– IT Related Work for our sub agents
evaluation from last time
– anything else?

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