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Make IT Simple…

By: Wahyu Kurniawan
November 19th 2009

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
(Leonardo da Vinci)

“Things should be made as simple as possible”
(Albert Einstein)

Why Make IT Simple…???
1. Simple Booking System is not always considered as not sophisticated.
2. Simple Interface will trigger user to try and later on love to use the system. If they see the system is too complicated, they will not try.
3. Using Simple Booking System to avoid high traffic, since our system establish connections between Partner Agent and Supplier.

Connecting Hotel and Partner Agent:
We have developed booking online system that makes customer or partner agent can receive instant confirmation from hotel through allotment. To do so, we have created an access for hotel to manage allotment for their hotel, so they can make adjustment as needed.
So customer or partner agent can directly fill the form through mandiratravel.com and the reservation will send directly to hotel, hotel will process it and the guest can check-in safely, as it is already confirmed.

Member growth:
As we have noticed, we have received partner agent that subscribe with us everyday and at the moment there are more than 700 partner agents from all over Indonesia that has become our member.

1. Increase Booking Volume
2. A Good Opportunity to advertise product
3. A SIMPLE Allotment Update Interface
4. e-Voucher can be printed inside the system
5. History Booking can be displayed at anytime


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