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1. China has become the second largest user of the World Wide Web. China holds tight controls on which Internet services and Web pages can be accessed by the Chinese people.

(a) Describe one method that can be used to control the Internet services and Web sites available to the Chinese people. [2 marks]

– policy – restrict number of IPs [1 mark] and description/example [1 additional mark]

– configure restrictive access through IP services (router) [1 mark] and description/example [1 additional mark]

(b) Describe two social impacts which this growth could have on Internet shopping. [4 marks]

– increased Internet shopping [1 mark] plus description/example [1 additional mark]

– increase in the availability of goods which would appeal to the Chinese people

[1 mark] plus description/example [1 additional mark].

– online methods of payment made easily available to the Chinese people [1 mark]

plus description/example [1 additional mark].

– increase in online advertising in the Chinese language [1 mark] plus

description/example (e.g. Chinese people are more aware of goods) [1 additional mark].

– online support and advice for shoppers from companies in the Chinese language

[1 mark] plus description/example [1 additional mark].

– increase in goods purchased from Chinese e-commerce sites by the rest of the world [1 mark] plus description/example (e.g. resulting in increased income for Chinese people) [1 additional mark].

(c) Describe two benefits to China from the increased use of the World Wide Web by the Chinese people. Do not include answers from part (b). [4 marks]

– increase in the number of Web sites available in Chinese [1 mark] and description/example [1 additional mark]

– increased availability of online Chinese-English Web site translation facilities [1 mark] and description/example [1 additional mark]

– greater awareness through the Internet of the Chinese culture, history and way of thinking [1 mark] and description/example [1 additional mark]

– greater availability of Western resources and information to the Chinese people [1 mark] and description/example [1 additional mark]

– Increased sales revenue [1 mark] and description/example [1 additional mark].

2. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology has replaced accessing files on central servers. It has made possible the sharing of music files across the Internet.

(a) Identify two software technologies necessary for sharing or using music files. [2 marks]

– software to convert WAV to MP3 or other digital music format or compression software

– P2P client software installed on the computer in order to share files

– standard media player (specific examples may be stated e.g. Windows media player).

Do not accept product / company names only (e.g. Winamp, Napster).

(b) Describe one alternative information technology, other than P2P, that could be used for sharing commercial music files and evaluate the ethics of the method. [4 marks]

– copying a music CD for sharing, illegal method for sharing

– downloading a music file from a server, illegal for copyrighted material

– using a legal membership service on the Internet, valid method for acquiring music files.

(c) Describe two advantages to the artist of having their music available using P2P technology. [4 marks]

– easy way for an artist to become known

– encourages artistic freedom beyond what music companies allow

– facilitates collaboration between music artists

– allows an artist to market their own work

– allows recognized artist to boost sales of albums by making one sample track available.

(d) Discuss three social and/or ethical disadvantages involved with the distribution of music files using P2P technologies. Evaluate your arguments [10 marks]

– loss of money to record companies, artists and music retailers

– artist intellectual property rights are violated

– artist may become disenchanted and leave the profession

– legal action will be taken against providers of illegal sharing of music files

– lack of control of illegal distribution of music files can lead to excessive violation.

– files maybe infected with virus (malicious or accidental)

– file may not be the one stated or expected / wrongly attributed

– file may contain spyware (tracking, cookies, etc.).

3. Google has become largest company inside World Wide Web nowadays.

(a) Identify five different services that Google offered to the Internet users, rather than Search Engine. [5 marks]

– Google Ads

– Google Earth

– Google Map

– Google Adsense

– Google Translate

(b) Describe an advantage and disadvantage for Google after they launched new browser called Google Chrome. [4 marks]

When Google has launched new browser, it’s an advantage for the company that the societies may be used this new browser as an alternative for browsing. It is a good opportunity to increase its popularity among the internet user.

On the other side, it’s like a dilemma for the company to launch browser, since the toolbar feature cannot be embedded on its new browser. And there is a possibility that the new browser can become new target of a web attack.

(c) Explain two different methods that people normally do when they search something on the internet using Search Engine. [6 marks]

– By using Keywords; This method is quite popular nowadays and people mostly use this method when they are looking for something on the internet.

– By using Boolean Logic to specify more details on the search criteria. We can use AND / OR to specify our search

– By using hierarchical directory or subject tree. This tree will categorize topic and make easier for use to search depends on the topic.

4. Some companies has expanded their business when they made a web portal on the internet.

(a) Define the term web portal. [2 marks]

Web entry stations that offer quick and easy access to a variety of services

(b) Describe two IT Software necessary for building web portal. [4 marks]

Joomla is an open source software built in PHP and MySQL Technology that can make web portal in several simple steps.

Mambo is similar with Joomla, designed to make user to be able to create and develop web portal easily.

(c) Explain three reasons why we have provided a large spaces for hosting web portal. [9 marks]

– Web Portal can contains a lot of directories to store all of its services and categories.

– Web Portal can grow quickly. Some of portals has involved its visitors on activities, such as poll, communication board etc, and this will need extra spaces for the website.

– Web Portal needs to be attractive on its appearance. That’s why extra space is needed to store images such as banner, to make its appearance better.

(d) Evaluate three benefits for the societies with the existence of web portal on the internet . [12 marks]

– People will easier to find something on the internet. Instead of using search engine, they can just browse on the web portal and click on the specified category. The benefit is they can search on the right track, while the disadvantages there will be several steps included to find the result.

– People can advertise their product or service without worried. As we know, web portal can be considered as a website that contains a lot of directories which offered the visitors hundreds of services. This kind of website will be visited a lot of visitors daily. So it is a good opportunity for people for advertise theis product. The only disadvantage ofcourse the ads rate will become expensive.

– Web Portal sometimes offers additional services such as affiliates. This kind of service will boost a new website to gain hits more quickly. For new company that just established its business, it is a good chance for them to join as affiliates with some web portal. The Internet Business will grow rapidly as they can support one another and share visitor hits. However, the business related one another. This means, if Web Portal wiped out, it will affect directly to others and the popularity is also decreasing.

5. As an internet grows rapidly, people needs to consider some issues and make sure the existence of the internet is useful for the societies.

(a) Define the term NGI. [2 marks]

Next Generation Internet (NGI) will consist of a nationwide web of optical fiber integrated with intelligent management software to maintain high-speed connections

(b) Define the term HTTP. [2 marks]

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, is  a protocol that used to display a web page.

(c) Identify the protocol that allows cross-network communication and describe the differences between them. [4 marks]

TCP / IP (Transfer Control Protocol / Internet Protocol)

*  TCP breaks messages into packets

*  Each packet has all the information needed to travel from network to network

*  Host systems called routers determine how to route transmissions

*  IP is the address for the packets

*  Each Internet host computer has a unique IP address

*  Each address is comprised of four sets of numbers separated by periods, such as

(d) Describe two possible impact for the societies when people started to use Digital cash that make online transactions easier and safer. [4 marks]

Digital cash in one side will make every transaction goes easier and convenience. People don’t need to bring cash when they are travelling. The form of digital cash can be a card that can be identified after the card owner fills a personal identification number in every transaction.

While on the other side, the usage of digital cash will open an opportunity for hackers to hack the system, so they can use it for their own purpose and benefit. In long term, the impact could be really bad, when the real cash has disposed and every transaction uses digital cash, e-Crime will surely increasing and there is a possibility that the school of hacker will become trends.

(e) Describe two possible impact for the citizens when Government has put filter software to block inappropriate content. [4 marks]

Citizens will no longer have access in some internet websites. However, not all of the contents are inappropriate for some people. For example, adult contents may inappropriate for children and teenagers, but it’s legal for some adults. By blocking some certain of content will decrease some internet user that they feel that the government has seized their freedom.

Furthermore, the blocking for some websites (such as wikipedia in some country) will also give an impact on education. Some students will have difficulties to find resources for their study.

(f) Evaluate three social and/or ethical issues that can be identified for the evolving of the internet. [12 marks]

Digital cash to make online transactions easier and safer

Encryption software to prevent credit card theft

Digital signatures to prevent e-mail forgery

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