1. (a) China can filter all user access by redirecting to China server first where in the server it will tell Chinese people whether they can open the web pages or not. If this server allow the web pages to be open by Chinese people then the server will granted the permission to access the web pages. (2)

(b) There will be a lot of new people who join internet shopping. Then it will boost e-shop sales on the internet. Internet shopping will have more benefits than a local store.

The other impact will be the variety of the items on internet shopping will diverse. People will start to sell a lot of things through internet, some will sell unique things or even collector edition item. (4)

(c) Chinese people can communicate with each other even though they are seperated from one country to another country. With the increase of internet using in China, Chinese people will be more comfortable to use internet to communicate with others because they can communicate with a lot of people rather than some specific person.

Another benefit for China from the increased use of internet by Chinese people will be their people will be smarter than before. It is so easy to searh an answer for question and people will have more knowledge if internet used for education. Thus, it will boost Chinese people knowledge. (4)

2.  (a) uTorrent, BitTorrent (2)

(b) Store the commercial music files into a server and let people to download directly from the server. Everyone could download the file from the server. But if the server go down, people will not able to access the file and download it. Download file through server is much faster than P2P. (2) – no ethic evaluation

(c) First, its free. So people would download the music from the artist, whether people liked it or not, and definitely will boost the artist fame. People will know the artist based on the music that available using P2P technology.

Second, it is much faster for an artist to be known by people around if the artist let his music available on P2P technology. Because the system based on sharing and if there are a lot of people share the artist music, the music will be more faster to transfer from one person to another person. (4)

(d) Distribution music files using P2P technologies was known as pirated files. It means the files that we are download using P2P technologies was illegal because we infringe the copyright law. Thus, for an artist who have their official copyright are not suggested to share their music through P2P technologies.

But for producer who knows their music was pirated by a lot of people, cannot punish the people who already download the music through P2P because the one who must get punished is the first person who start sharing the music. But in P2P technologies, we doesn’t know who’s the first person start the sharing.

Distribution music files through P2P are also not safe for people who download it. Since the system basically share the files. They might, without knowledge, share some virus or trojans to the other persons. And it will cause some damage to the person who download the music files through P2P technologies. (6) – please split clearly for three social and/or ethical issues that you discussed

3. (a) Gmail as email service, Google translator as translating text, Google maps as GPS, Google doc similar as Microsoft office, and Google Chrome as internet browser. (5)

(b) The advantage for Google after releasing Google Chrome is that Google will be known by more people as not just as search engine, but also internet browser. It will boost Google fame to another level.

The disadvantage for Google that Google need to spend some people and time to concentrate on their internet browser to compete with other internet browser who already out long time ago, such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer. (4)

(c) Mostly people will type on the search engine bar in a sentence or sometimes in a word. Sometimes the word they used are not specific enough to help the search engine to narrow the result. The result would be 2 millions result found for just one word and it will give trouble for user to search something they like.

Some people use advanced search to search some more specific, in specific time and place. These people rely on search engine to get more knowledge on something specific. Search engine have a lot of features that coulld help the users to find something they want faster, like the usage of quotation mark, semi dot, or advanced search. (6)

4. (a) A web page that connected with the main or official websites. Sometimes web portal only transfers the user to the main or official websites. Sometimes they are stand alone websites. (2)

(b) Notepad is the basic programs that can build a web portal. But the users must have a lot of knowledge about programming language such as HTML, PHP, CSS, or Javascript. It is not recommended for starter or advanced users to use notepad to build a website because the result we can’t see it directly from our notepad.

Or we can use Adobe Dreamweaver to make a web portal. This user friendly program are enough to build a simple, even powerful, website without knowing any programming language. For advanced users they can type it manually the code if they wanted to and look the result directly from the program. (4)

(c) One, to store our pictures, music, data, and the web pages. Building a web portal need a lot of spaces because they use a lot of things such as pictures and music, not just a simple text and color.

Two, to store huge data into the web portal. Sometimes its easier to store the data into the web portal and we can access it anywhere.

Three, to have more empty spaces rather than full. So people will not need to delete unecessary things or old item when they can still store it online. (6) – need more explanation

(d) The benefit for societies is well known to other. People will know about specific person or specific company eventhough the person or the company is not as important as the others. (3) – only provide one item out of three, and no evaluation

5.  (a) (2) it’s consider correct

(b) HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. It is for the browser to acess a web page. (2)


(d) People will no longer used physic money, they prefer digital cash rather than paper money. Some places that still using paper money will having a hard time to change pace from papaer money into digital cash.

There will be more hacker or even criminal trying to steal money and information from the digital cash, as the digital cash is so vulnerable to get stolen. And when it get stolen, all of the money we have will be gone. (4)

(e) Citizens will have positive usage on the internet, it will result to better performances in their work and school. Citizens will have safe browsing through internet.

There will be some people who try to hack the filter software so it will unblock the inappropriate content. Thus, it will give a new job for criminal. (4)

(f) People will have new habit such as internet shopping and also watching videos online. It will give new activities for people in their home or on the go.

There are also some good habit might be gone, such as go to library, read newspaper, read a book, or hang out with friends. In the evolving of the internet, people mostly will use that kind of habit which result bad habit.

Lastly, people could gone lazier than before because of fast searching of knowledge through internet. There will be no effort on searching something and thus will result people lazy to appraise something. (8) – the second paragraph is the evaluation of the first one