In ITGS, Paper 2 has more percentages for final mark, so it’s really important to fully understand how we can answer all of the questions correctly. This feedback refers to one of the student’s work

1. Read all of the questions carefully
Sometimes you are not really careful read the question, so the answer you have given is not relevant with the question.
The social impact of better research and development – is not relevant with the question, sending personal health record through WAN.

2. Using IT Terminology
This is STRONGLY recommended. However, please use IT Terms in an appropriate place. The detail explanation or discussion of IT Terms is also required, as it will surely give more marks.
“Looking at the inputted data, there will also be less mistakes as there will be less employee, thus no data redundancy and it is done through computer”
The usage of IT Terms: data redundancy here is not relevant, since there is no further explanation and the question is talking about social impact of e-commerce, which is there is no relation with data redundancy.

3. Provide example
When discussing some social and/or ethical issues, providing example is the BEST way to boost your mark. When you give an example, make sure the example is reliable and up to date. It is much better if you can also provide the source.

4. Avoid the usage of word: perhaps, maybe for opinion answer
The usage of these kind of word will get a result of no mark at all of your opinion answer. Make sure you confident when you provide your own opinion/discussion/evaluation/examination toward some IT issues.

5. Evidence/Fact
If you can provide evidence/fact through some problems, it will give you another points. As long as the evidence is reliable and the fact is true, these kind of answers will strengthen your discussion.

6. For discuss/examine/to what extent/evaluate question, long answer is not a guarantee that you will receive full marks!
Your answer seems really full, you just write the whole 2 pages for one question. But there is no guarantee that you will receive full marks. The answer that demanded by the examiner is a balanced answer. Try to do the following (refer to the question at Paper 2)
– Start with a description of the issue
– Analyze the impact of the social issue with some explanation
– For each impact, try to use IT Terms if possible and please don’t just state, but describe it instead. It will be better if you can also provide the technical explanation
– Provide the examples that relevant with your impact
– Some evidence data can be strengthen your answer, and don’t forget to put the source if possible. (The survey/polling result is the best way to do this)
– If possible, always do the comparison between good or bad, positive or negative, advantage or disadvantage, benefit or limitation of your answer.
– Evaluation or judgment of your issue sometimes required at the end of your answer.
– And finally, close your answer with conclusion and suggestion.
However, giving long answer is a must! Please don’t just answer this type of question with one or two sentences, as you will lose a lot of marks for sure.

7. Make sure you can distinguish social and ethical issues!
Some answers that you provide can be social or ethical issues. Once again, read the question carefully. If the question only ask social issues, please don’t include ethical issues on your answer, as they will not be marked.

8. Don’t answer more than it expected
If you have to choose 3 out of 4 questions, make sure you do that. If you think that the examiner will assess all of your 4 answers, and choose the best mark from it, you are wrong! Examiner will mark your first 3 answers and abandon your final answer

9. Use a good grammar, a good handwriting
The examiner needs to assess hundreds of students’ work. Make sure you arrange your sentence in mind before you write it to avoid too many mistakes. Do your best to make your answer neat and can read easily. Don’t write too small or too big letters.