What is file compression? Why we need our file to be compressed?

The purpose of file compression is saving storage. Of course it will need some particular software that can compress and de-compress the file. This file compression issues has become more popular when the Internet is used for the daily activities. Some people tend to use Internet to send and receive files, rather than other media, while others use a server on the Internet to store their files. The compression plays its role when compression is needed to save storage of the hard drive capacity. Some compression software are ARJ, PKZIP and PKUNZIP, LZH, TAR etc. However, the most popular software that we normally used are WinRAR and WinZIP.

Some key benefits of choosing WinRAR over WinZip are listed below.

  • Better compression rate: WinRAR squeezes more space than WinZip out of most supported file formats.
  • It compresses on average 7% more than WinZip on Word Files and 10% on pure text files.
  • Image file wise, its RAR format saves 3% more for JPEG and 10% for BMP files.
  • In comprehensive testing where compression software is tested against conglomerate of files with the size of several hundred megabytes, WinRAR beats WinZip to about 8% (seethe stats at maximumcompression.com).
  • Superior Extraction speed: As important as knowing how to compress WinRAR files, the extraction speed indicates how fast packed files are restored to their original formats. The difference in speed could be minutes apart when extracting big files such as system backups or CD/DVD images.
  • Wonderful User Experience: Unlike WinZip, WinRAR takes a minimalist approach to their interface design, providing a simpler and cleaner look. And here’s a very thoughtful feature of WinRAR which WinZip lacks: once you locate the files through Windows’ My Computer or Explorer, you can then simply right click the file icons.
  • Archive or decompress options are on the Windows’ menu along common functions such as copy and paste. So it frees you the hassle to actually open WinRAR’s main menu thus saves you several clicks for every job. And what if your RAR files are damaged? WinRAR offers the unique file repair function.
  • Interested in making a self-installing file? WinZip and WinRAR both offer the SFX module options but only WinRAR allows you to customize your install logos, icons and your own copyright statements.
  • Low Price and Free Support: With 45 language versions, WinRAR is priced well with a lifetime license including free lifetime updates and free lifetime e-mail support.
  • WinZip only offers 5 language versions and charges more for a standard copy. However, its product upgrades cost additional $6.95 per year and its e-mail support costs another 18% of the purchase price annually. And compared to WinZip’s almost non-existent extraction support with other formats, WinRAR can unpack almost all archive formats including Zip and the other popular formats such as Ace and 7Zip

[Source: http://www.software.com/file-compression/news/winrar-winzip]

Even though we compress our file into one packed archive, doesn’t mean that our data is safe. For some reason, the data corruption could occur if we cannot maintain the archive well. For some old archive that put on the internet, the server owner will remove it as it is normally listed on their term and condition