ITGS Debate

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Before start the debate, it is recommended for the students to start with the research.

Research can involve:

Social/Ethical Issues
– Privacy
– Anonimity
– Reliability
– Integrity
– Globalization/ Cultural Diversity
– Security
– Authenticity
– Intelectual Property
– Equality of Access

IT System
– Definition of P2P
– How P2P works
– The Traffic

Area of Impact:
– The usage of P2P based on students’ need
– How often students use the service
– P2P Policies for students
– The effectiveness

Other issues:
– Why P2P become popular, replacing client-server access
– Some example of P2P on the Internet
– The advantages and disadvantages

Some educational stuff available on P2P Networks, which can be downloaded for educational purpose, however some illegal stuff also there and it’s not good for the students to download them. It can become a good media to promote your work, but some governments has banned some P2P Networks due to some privacy/legal reason.

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