When we heard about the term encryption, the first thing that comes up in our mind is a hacker, that is willing to break the security system and he has to get through a really strong code that common people could bot understand.
The knowledge that related with encryption called cryptography, which can provide thousands differences of algorithms to create encryption.

Why we need to encrypt our data?

The reason is just simple. For security purposes. Sometimes, if our data has saved in the normal way, an unauthorized people can easily open it. However, if we can somehow encrypt the bytes, people mostly will have difficulties to open it.


In terms of reliability, there will be a discussion that data can become not reliable if still encrypted. Since not many user will know about how to decrypt, there is a possibilities that data or information can be out of date.

The encrypted data or information always become a challenge for hacker. Since the data has encrypted and usually it will require a password to decrypt it back to its original state, hackers will try to break the password as they are sure that the data is confidential. Somehow in the trial of breaking code, hackers may damage the files accidentally.

It’s the main issue and the most important reason why we need encryption. For security purposes, we can encrypt our document and just simply input a password to recover it back.

A simple example of authentication is user login onto a network. A more advanced example would be the use of encrypted digital signatures in a business