Chrome Browser Acts More Like an OS, But Security Is Unclear

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Google Chrome is a browser once we know as a simple browser. But lately, Google announced that their browser, Google Chrome, will be able to run applications in the background. This is the same feature as what Operating System (OS) give to the user. Google Chrome managed to make applications run in the background but they still call it as web browser. Thus, confuse some people who knows about computer. As now we can say that Google Chrome is a new OS developed by Google itself.

This new feature will use cloud system, which is the browser will constantly checking on their server if there are any changes in their content. Instead of a web pages, they checking on their applications such as chat application that will pop up a new window inside Chrome browser if there somebody send message to you, cloud office suite which is the same feature as Microsoft Office but the data will be stored online and you can changed it anywhere as long there is internet in your area, and much more.

But an OS are related to virus. Google Chrome was unclear on their vulnerabilities on virus attack. Virus will run in the background without the user’s knowledge, which is the same as what Google feature on their browser. The impact will severe to the users and also Google itself, such as your office document will corrupt or even the text will not be readable due the virus will change your data, your username and password will be stolen by third party because the virus monitored any activities on your monitor, keyboard and mouse then send the analysis data into third party or the hacker.

Google has take a small step to prevent such thing happened. They said only application and extension are able to run in the background not the web pages. Chrome users must verify any applications or extensions that is going to install in their Chrome. If the application was not Google official, usually Google will blocked it as long the users make any changes on the permissions of what the application can do.

A big step what Google Chrome can do to have better security is to make any trustworthy third-party applications marked as trusted application and will be notified to the users. Thus, will make easier for users to filter applications from anywhere. Another step of what Google Chrome can do is to make any developers of third-party applications to submit their applications to Google first, so Google will check if the applications have no any security issue or not.

by: Adrianus H

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