What is video surveillance?
Video Surveillance has developed from time to time. Starting with simple Circuit Closed Television (CCTV) with analog technology and just recorded on video tape, Video Surveillance has moved to digital technology, which is requires some extra space on hard drive to store the data. Analog camera tubes were replaced with CCD (Charged Coupled Devices), and using this technology, a video can transmitted into digital and send accross the network. The data that has sent is encrypted so it is safe when it’s on the traffic. When it has reached the destination, the data can be decrypt and obtained by the authorize person. The DVR System is one step advance than the previous generation, that working as CCTV but save all the data in digital format. And lately, we also have IP-Based Video Surveillance that make possible to connect the surveillance camera to the network adapter or even the wireless one. Can you think the advantages of this IP-Based Video Surveillance?

How can the police use video surveillance?
The police can fight, prevent or reduce crime with the technology of video surveillance, making citizens, businesses and tourists feel safer. State-of-the-art wireless video surveillance systems (e.g. IP video cameras) and other new technology tools are used for deterring, detecting and investigating crime. They are installed on poles and building facades and activity is monitored around the clock in busy downtown areas such as central business districts, shopping malls, residential venues, downtown streets and tourist/entertainment venues.
Twenty to forty officers would be monitoring the videos. Videos must have outstanding image clarity as license plates need to be readable from 300 yards away and different camera angles must be viewable without time delays. Cameras must be able to zoom in and have night-vision. Cameras with automatic license plate recognition can also identify stolen cars.

Students’ ideas:

http://ezinearticles.com/?How-IP-based- … ance-Works
BBC Surveillance Movie – from Ghazali ITGS Beijing, October 2007


* Identify three advantages and disadvantages, using tiny chips for become member of the club! (refer to the BBC Surveillance Movie)
Victor: (+2)
1. More convenience, because people don’t need to bring identity card
2. Safer, because people don’t need to bring wallet/credit card
3. The customer feel that they get protection under this surveillance
1. Some people might be feel pain by injected the chips
2. We have to checkup regularly to doctor
3. The customer might feel discomfort for using chips since they can be monitored
Ruth: (+2)
1. Prevent the crime, so people will not get robbed
2. It can attract more customer, since the technolgy is sophisticated
3. Increase the loyality of the customer, they will come more frequently
1. System may be hacked
2. For the club, they need to invest more money for this such of technology
3. By using this, it can cause a health problem.

* Explain why most people dislike to be monitored!
Kresna: (+2)
Because of their personal space and privacy. They don’t feel comfort because they are monitored all the time.

* Do you agree/disagree that Government Palace is under surveillance of private company? Explain your reasons!
Jessica (+2)
Agree; Because we need other party to watch over the government, because the government officer sometimes do the bad things.
Ruth (+2)
Disagree; Because Government Palace is an important place. Hiring the private company may result a bad impact such as some confidential information has stolen by someone else.

* Define the term “chips”!
* Analyze both the good and bad impact of using surveillance on students or teenagers!
Ruth (+2)
Good Impact:
To protect teenagers from people who try to threat them, also sometimes they try to do something bad, so the parents can monitor on them.
Bad Impact:
They will find another way to escape from the surveillance. They will feel uncomfortable fro being monitored.

* Analyze three of the impact of installing such technology on the supermarket (refer to the BBC Surveillance Movie) in Business and Employment!
* Identify what kind of surveillance that can be applied on traffic in order to arrange, avoid traffic jam and tracking criminals!
* GPS is one of sophisticated surveillance. Tracking mobile phone using this will find the person easily. Analyze the impact in Science and Environment!
* Some hospitals inject chips on people’s body as surveillance device. Analyze the impact in Health!
Ollwien (+2)
If chips has already got inside and the body cannot recognize new things, it will give impact to our body., such as give some bad impact for blood.

* Explain why a big warehouse needs surveillance!

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