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What is Desktop Publishing?
Desktop Publishing is the process of producing a book, magazine, or other publication.
Desktop Publishing may include Writing and/or Editing process.

Some process that always occur in desktop publishing:
* Producing drawings, photographs, and other graphics with the text. Using a desktop publishing software, it’s easy to insert pictures. Most DTP Software can even can import directly from scanner device.
* Designing a basic template for the publication
* Arranging text and graphics.
DTP Software make this combining text and graphic become possible.
* Printing pages
When computer connected with the printer, it can print the publishing page straightaway
* The process may also include binding pages into a finished publication

A desktop publishing system may include:
* One or more Computers (it can be Mac or PC)
* A drum scanner
* A high-resolution printer

What kind of software that can be categorize as Desktop Publishing Software?
* CorelDraw
* Adobe Freehand
* Adobe Pagemaker
These kinds of software can be used to create and print newspapers

What is the reason using DTP?
The main reason for using DTP Sofware is saving money. In ancient time, when people use typewrite machine, they need to think carefully before they type, because when they made mistakes, they need to throw away the paper. Nowadays, using DTP Software, people can easily edit the mistake they’ve made and check it all over before printing.
And ofcourse it also save time since using DTP Software can be much faster that using the old printing machine.

Look Beyond
If we see nowadays, a lot of electronic book has spread on the internet. We can predict, perhaps in several years from now, desktop publishing and paper publishing will be replaced by paperless electronic media. For example, some newspaper company has started to put their news on their website and also start to produce an electronic version of its newspaper.
The electronic book, or ebook, is a handheld device that can contain anything from today’s top news stories to lengthy novels

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