Teacher’s Devotion: Beware of the Monkey!

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Some of us probably have a pet at home. Some pets could be very useful to entertain us, while others only become burden. A dog, can become your friend since he’s smart. You can even teach him some simple command such as pick up your newspaper (of course not make your coffee). And he is also loyal animal. Whenever you have problem, he can sit next to you, as if he understand your problem. He is also a good bodyguard for your house.
What about a cat? When I was still a little kid, I used to love with cats. Even though these cats were not belong to me (they were belong to my neighbor), but I loved to play with them. I even spare my food to feed them.  When I realize their real characteristic that they like to steal my food, sleeping the whole day, lazy, smelly because never take a bath (is there any cat lover here?), I don’t like them ever since.

This morning, I’d like to talk about another animal that may be rarely to used as a pet. MONKEY. Have you ever saw people take monkey as their pet? What they normally do with their monkey? They will chain him tight. Why? Because the characteristic of the monkey itself. He is naughty and likes to annoy you (find your white hair). Whenever there is monkey around, make sure that you don’t get caught.

Monkey that I’m talking here is similar with the real monkey. Recently I have posted in twitter about this issue, and some people asked me what is the meaning of this monkey? Because in Indonesia language if we used the word “kethek”, it can have two different meaning. The first one is monkey, and the other one is armpit. The definition of this monkey is an activity that we like to do, but it’s not important. Sometimes even when we are busy, we still do something that is not important. We know that it’s not important, but strangely we still do it.  Of course this “monkey” will consume our time, then without we realize, we just lose our precious time for an activity that is not important.

I used to encourage my colleagues, remind them about this issue. I realize that time management is really important. We have to dare to say NO to another monkeys that keep coming. If some people said that we have to abandon the monkeys, I would prefer to maintain it instead. Let’s start to respect the time, because we cannot turn back the time nor put the time into our saving.

Psalm 90:12 – So  teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

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