IT in Movie Industry

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– State two uses of IT in creating films.

* creating virtual actors
* creating special effects (visual and/or sound only [1 mark])
* editing film
* taking film footage either analog or digitally
* enhancing old movies digitally

– Describe three social impacts of using IT in film creation.

* There may be changes in the employment prospects of actors due to the use of virtual actors.
* Realistic films are cheaper to make due to advances in the technology resulting in increased profits/ can be more expensive due to a dependence on technology. (case can be argued either way)
* The use of special effects makes it easier to produce unrealistic movies which gives movie-goers, especially young people, a distorted view of reality.
* The increased use of technology in movie production has caused a change in the skills required for many jobs in the industry.
* A new generation can enjoy old movies because digitally enhanced movies are of interest in the modern age.
* The ready availability of hardware and software for film editing means that amateurs (e.g. schools) can produce quality films where it was not feasible in the past.
* Dangerous scenes can be filmed without putting actors/extras in danger.

– Discuss three ethical considerations which emerge from using these new technologies in film making.

* Films having unrealistic effects must be targeted at a suitable age range because young viewers may have adverse psychological effects from the film and may draw an inappropriate response from them.
* Creating a virtual actor of a real actor who has died may be a violation of their intellectual property rights.
* Real live film clips (e.g. an interview) can be edited in such a way that the editor can produce an effect which is contrary to the original film clip (e.g. a statement in an interview which was not said).
* A film company needs to consider the ethical implications for their staff of using IT (e.g. Are they capable of being retrained? Can the staff cope with retraining?)
* Films are being digitally pirated.

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