Graduation Ceremony Programme Rundown

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1. Student Procession with ‘Tanah Airku’, Instrumetalia by Grace Rozella Soetedja (5′)
2. National Anthem ‘Indonesia Raya’, Sung by all (4′)
3. Opening and Prayer, by Mr. Andreas Yulius Agung (2′)
4. Singing of ‘My Life Is In Your Hand’, by Choir (5′)
5. Message of Encouragement, by Mr. Erlangga Pramudya Dharma (4′)
6. Singing of ‘My Life Is In Your Hand’, Sung by all Grade 12 and the Students Choir (5′)
7. Presentation of the Graduates & the Awards, by Mr. Erlangga Pramudya Dharma and Mr. John Hauesler (50′)
8. Parents Response to Students, by Ester’s Father (5′)
9. Students’ Responses, by Naaman Ardian Giovanny S. & Marsha Moniaga Sindarto (8′)
10. Special Presentation, by Graduates (7′)
11. Minutes of Remembrance, by Grade 12 Students (10′)
12. Singing od ‘Ain’t No Mountain Too High’, Sung by all (5′)
13. Prayer of Blessing, by Mrs. Magdalena Nugroho (7′)

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