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There is an animal story about Mouse, Chicken, Goat, Lamb and Cow. They lived happily in one farm with Mr. and Mrs. Farmer. One day, Mouse has become panic because one big snake has suddenly appear in the farm.
“Snake’s in the house… Snake’s in the house” cried Mouse seeking for help. Mouse has come to Chicken, but Chicken said it is none of his business. Other animals also did the same thing. They didn’t care about the Mouse’s problem. Mouse felt abandoned and desperately, he just returned to his hole.
That night, apparently Snake bite Mrs. Farmer. She fell sick and it’s not getting better because of the poison. Sick people needs a warm soup, so Mr. Farmer picked up Chicken and make it as a soup. While Mrs. Farmer still sick, all of families and relatives has come and Mr. Farmer need to prepare the meals. So he cut Goat and Lamb and made it become delicious food. The illness of Mrs. Farmer has getting worse and finally she passed away. More and more people came for the furneral and Mr. Farmer cut Cow as the meal.
What we can learn from this story that we have to help one another. If one of us is having trouble, we cannot just say it’s not our business, instead we are willing to help and support him. Because one problem from one of us can bring a deep impact to the whole class. As it is said on Galatians 6:2, Bear one another’s burden, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

By: Wahyu
Morning Devotion
10 Pre IB Class
Cita Hati Christian High School

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