Believe Something that beyond our sight

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There was a story about little Hanny and his dad. Hanny loves to go with his dad on the weekend. He really liked Donald Duck, so he just went to Disneyland with his dad every week.
On one particular day, there was a big carnival and all of the disney’s character has come. Little Hanny felt really enthusiastic to go and as usual he came with his dad. He wanted to see Donald Duck, his favorite character.
But it seemed too many people on that spot, so that Little Hanny only see a little bit. He felt disappointed while he couldn’t find Donald Duck. But his father said, “I can see Donald Duck from here. Just wait, he will come to you”. Little Hanny just wait and wait and wait… but Donald Duck never appeared. He just asked his dad again, “Where is Donald, dad?” His dad replied, “Just wait my son… wait, he’ll come in a minute. Dad can see him from here” Ofcourse, because he was short, he couldn’t see Donald, while his dad can see it from a far. After long time, finally Little Hanny can see Donald.
It is the same as God’s sight is different than ours. God can see our whole life. When we become success, when we married, when we will have children and when we die. God’s time is different with ours. If he said that we have to wait, means we need to wait until His time, cause He made all things beautiful in His time…
Even sometimes it beyond our sight, just believe on Him. Because His Plan in our life is beautiful. Amen.

By: Wahyu
Morning Devotion
10 Pre IB Class
Cita Hati Christian High School

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