This could be very useful for developing new teaching methodologies and gaining new resources

Module I: Focus on the Diploma Program and ITGS

* Personal introductions and overview /aims of the workshop
* ITGS in a nutshell – DP programme, TOK, EE, and CAS
* Mission Statement and the IB Learner Profile
* Orienting students to ITGS (Group 3)
* Overview of Aims and Objectives; External and Internal Assessment
* Zoom-in on the HL/SL ITGS guide (the Triangle)
* Setting up access to web 2.0 tools

Module 2: Teaching Strategies, Resources and Collaborative Environments Using Web 2.0

* OCC and the ITGS Survival Kit
* Models for organizing the course (HL/SL)
* Discussion of teaching strategies and resources
* Relationship of ITGS to TOK and CAS
* Textbooks, videos, online resources and ITGS websites
* Online applications, web x.0 tools and collaboration using wikis

Module 3: Portfolio and Portfolio Extension

* Teaching strategies/research process/citations including web 2.0 tools
* Using command terms, guidelines, and NEW assessment criteria
* Marking a sample portfolio
* Portfolio extension and interview process
* Marking a sample portfolio extension
* Submitting the portfolio sample, feedback and subject report

Module 4: ITGS Project (logbook, product and report)

* Teaching strategies and guiding the project process
* Using command terms, guidelines, and NEW assessment criteria
* What makes a good project?
* Analyzing project samples
* Submitting the project sample in a range of formats, feedback
* Subject report

Module 5: External Assessment – Paper I (HL/SL) and Paper 2 (HL paper and SL paper)

* Guiding students – structure of paper I and markscheme
* Command terms in examination questions / markschemes
* Writing and marking paper 1-type questions
* Difference in structure of Paper 2 for HL and SL
* Interpreting paper 2 markschemes and markbands
* Analysis of questions and nature of extended responses
* Writing and marking paper 2-type questions

Module 6: Case Study and Assessment Paper 3 (HL)

* Approach to the case study
* Guiding students – structure of paper 3 and markscheme
* Writing paper 3-type questions
* Subject report and EUR
* Class wiki/ global wiki for collaboration on the case study

Module 7: ITGS extended essay (EE) and conclusion

* NEW assessment criteria for the ITGS extended essay
* Research questions appropriate for the ITGS extended essay
* Research process for the EE (both primary and secondary)
* Conclusion ITGS workshop