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What is MP3?

MP3 is a music file format. Why is it become popular? The main reason is because of its size. MP3 is compression music file that has size 10 times reduce than its original size. Imagine, we can make one CD Audio Music that normally contains only no more than 20 songs, become 200 songs with MP3 format.

Nowadays, MP3 files has been available over the internet. Luckily, people can easily find the appropriate site that provide MP3 files that can be download for free. Most people download MP3 files and then burn them onto CDs. They also sometimes load their CD collection onto their PC and they can convert the songs into MP3 format before putting them back onto CD. We can play MP3 files using programs such as
RealOne, WinAmp or Windows Media Player.

However, beside the positive things for some societies that they can grab their favorite music for free, there is a controversy about MP3. For music industry and for some related people, they don’t feel very happy with this situation. As music piracy has been greatly increasing people can download all of their works easily. Moreover, websites that provide File Sharing Program are also increasing. This controversy comes from the fact that it is able to download over the net.

Furthermore, there are some facts that a number of sites that have offered MP3 music files for free download over the internet have been sued for breaking copyright as a result.

For protecting their product, they even put some special program onto music CDs so the people cannot easily copy or at least will face some difficulties to copy it into their computer.

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